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International Trade

The world is getting smaller; we need to think bigger. Globalization is a reality, and it’s not going away, which is good since America needs access to as many global markets as possible.

While we strongly believe in treating people fairly and helping U.S. workers be as productive and competitive as possible, we are convinced — and have learned from experience over the years — that protectionism and other forms of overly restrictive trade policies hurts both American businesses and workers. Consumers should be able to get the quality products they want when they want them, and that means having companies that are ready to compete globally.

We oppose the dismantling of monumental trade deals like the North America Free Trade Agreement — especially when the motivation is for obvious political reasons. And now that Great Britain has decided to leave the European Union, and other nations may follow — creating great volatility in global markets — it’s more important than ever that we maintain our alliances with trading partners throughout the Americas and Asia. For that reason, we strongly oppose tariffs and other punitive measure that poison relationships between countries and undermine international productivity. We need more trade, not less. We need more competition, not less. And we need more access to global markets, not less.

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