"Giving Latino Businesses a Platform to Thrive and an Ability to Shape Public Policy."

Chairman's Message

Dear members, partners and friends of The Latino Coalition (TLC),

These are consequential times for the Latino Community. Think of the facts:

  • Hispanic-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment of the small-business population;
  • Latino purchasing power will soon reach 2 trillion;
  • And, as we have always done, Latinos are contributing in immeasurable ways to America’s communities and to the very fabric of our great nation.

While this is encouraging, there’s considerable work ahead to ensure that the Hispanic community can reach its socioeconomic potential. That’s why TLC is developing policies and implementing strategies to ensure that the American Dream—particularly the opportunity to own a business and build wealth—is accessible to all Latinos.

Like so many other American families from all kinds of backgrounds, the key to my own family’s upward mobility was owning a business. In the U.S., business ownership is very effective in helping you raise your income level as well as your quality of life. That’s something I want not just for Hispanics but all Americans who are charting an entrepreneurial path.

By partnering with the public and private sector and organizations that share our interests, TLC is growing our influence of Latinos and their ability achieve the American Dream. We effectively advocate on behalf of the Hispanic community on issues like immigration reform, tax reform, healthcare, and energy policy, to name a few.

TLC’s agenda revolves around the “four C’s” that business owners can relate to:

Capital, Capacity Building, Contracts and Cost Control

Capacity building as well as access to capital and contracts is enhanced by the networking opportunities TLC brings to its members and by the strategic partnerships it creates with key allies.

Cost control is addressed through TLC’s advocacy agenda, enabling the group and its members to communicate the importance of taking a pro-business stance when looking at regulations, tax policy, health insurance costs, etc. Businesses can only grow when government helps to create the right environment.

Together, the four C’s create a platform that lets Latinos succeed on their own terms—today and for years to come. We hope we can count on your support and invite you to attend one of our high energy events to see what makes us so effective and unique.

Thank you for visiting our site! Please come back periodically to stay up to date on the latest information and TLC activities. Hasta pronto, see you soon!


Hector V. Barreto

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