About The Latino Coalition of Mexico

In fulfillment of the policy of internationalization for the Latino Coalition as expressed by its Chairman Hector Barreto, the nonprofit Latino Coalition of Mexico (Coalición Latina, A.C.) was legally incorporated in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, on Friday March 7 of 2008.

This will allow the Latino Coalition legal representation, presence and also permit a host of activities in Mexico as an accredited non-profit.

The objectives of the Coalición Latina, A.C. are similar to those of its U.S. mother organization which has as its “primary mission, on behalf of its members, closely monitor public policy at the federal, state and local levels to determine its impact on the Latino communities” in this case not only  throughout the U.S. but in México also, and to engage in public education campaigns on both sides of the border when warranted in the interest of generating a better binational environment for the generation of understanding, cultural exchange and the promotion of prosperity through the facilitation of business opportunities with a positive social impact.

Signatories of the charter at the event were Hector V. Barreto, Chairman of the Latino Coalition in the United States, J. Humberto Famania, Daniel Barreto, Alfonso Galindo Rodriguez, Alejandro Aceves Vidrio and Jorge Olivares.

Board of Directors:

Hector V. Barreto
Los Angeles, CA.
hbarreto@thelatinocoalition.comVice President
Daniel Barreto
Guadalajara, Mexico
danielbarretod@coalicionlatinamexico.comExecutive Director
Jorge A. Collignon Hoff
Guadalajara, México
Phone 011 52 33 3633 0370
Phone 011 52 33 3832 4665
Cell 011 52 33 1155 2051

Advisor for International Affairs: 
Humberto Famania
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Education Committee Chair:
Alejandro Aceves
Guadalajara, Mexico

Director “Chapter Estado De México”
José Luis Soberon Pacheco
jlsoberon@coalicionlatinamexico.comGovernment Relations Chair
Alfonso Galindo Rodriguez
Guadalajara, MexicoGovernment Relations
Carlos Cesar Torres Días Barriga

Tourism & Public Relations
Humberto Famania Ortega

News and Media
Juan Pablo Casillas

At Large:
Valentín Vargas
Arenal Jalisco México
Jose Luis Romero Hicks
Querétaro México