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Chairman's Message

These are consequential times for the Latino community. Early in the next decade, Latino purchasing power will surpass $1 trillion. Latinos continue to make impressive inroads in business and government. And, as they have always done, are contributing to their communities and to the very fabric of our nation.

Nevertheless, there is still work to do if the Latino community's universal aspiration is to be attained: Achieving the full economic and social potential offered by the United States. To that end, TLC will work to develop and promote policies and strategies to reach this worthy goal. We are going to do this by partnering with the public and private sectors and organizations that share our interests. Additionally, whenever it is necessary, TLC will advocate on behalf of the community to ensure that our point of view is considered.

We hope you come back on a regular basis to stay up to date on the latest information and TLC activities. We have a full agenda of events for 2014 you can join us.

Again, thank you for visiting our site and we hope we can count on your support and membership.


Hector V. Barreto